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      Our trips Depart daily from PORTMAGEE Pier which is located in a small village in south west Kerry "Ireland". Departure times vary between 10am and 10:30am each morning depending on the time of year. The boat trip takes approximately 45 minutes each way and when you arrive at SKELLIGS you will enjoy a stay of 2.5 Hours on the Island. Please reserve you places before you arrive, just give you names and that's it.00 353(087)1209924

     While on the Island you can walk the Historic pathways and stairways to the Sixth Century Monastic Settlement. This Early Christian site is extremely well preserved and is one of Irelands finest examples. The guides in the Monastery will answer any questions you may have so you get the most from your visit and you don't miss a thing.

     After your visit to Skellig Michael, we will take you to see the Second Island, "The Small Skellig" which is home to the Largest colony of Gannets in Europe. Here you will see more than 27,000 pairs of Gannets (seabirds) nesting in every available space. The Island is also home to large numbers of Seals often seen Basking on the Rocks as we cruse slowly past, so bring your Camera and be ready !

     The total trip takes approximately 4.5 hours from start to finish as our Fast Boats save journey time and allow you plenty time at the Islands. Our Passenger Boats are Fully Licensed and Irish Tourist Board Approved.

Clothing & Footwear

Bring plenty Clothes and sensible outdoor shoes with good grips, flat shoes are not suitable. Its better to have a few extra items of clothes in case you are cold. Some days can be quiet splashy depending on weather conditions and you may need to wear waterproofs and some days you just need a T-Shirt. Ask you boatman before the trip. 087 1209924

Store you cameras inside the boats cabin to avoid them being splashed unless told otherwise by your boatman. Remain seated as much as possible and make sure to hold on to handrails if you move around the boat.

Never block the boatman’s door when the boat is arriving at Skellig Michael.

Step off the boat at the Skelligs pier only at the instructions of the Boatman and Keep Your Hands Free to catch the handrail on the Pier. Your bags will be passed out after by the Boatman.



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We always enjoy the chance to chat with our Guests and answer any questions you may have during the Cruse, so don't be shy !! come in and say Hello .


      When you arrive at  Skellig Michael you will have time to explore the Island and to take in the breathtaking Scenery and amazing Bird life, which all combines to create an Atmosphere unique to The Skellig Islands and an experience of a lifetime not to be missed. A well preserved Monastic Settlement which was founded by Saint Fionan lies approximately  200 metres above sea level. A stairway consisting of 600 steps takes you to the Monastery which was established there in the 6th Century and inhabited for 600 years by the Monks.

     We do advise you to bring some food and water and to wear sensible clothing and footwear with good grips. When climbing the stone stars stay to the inside of the steps away from the edge and avoid carrying bulky items in your hands or around your neck which could block you vision. Watch your step and do not rush. We do like people to be on time for the boat but we will not leave the Island without you so take you time and take care while on the Island. Treat the Island with respect and Care and Enjoy your visit to SKELLIGS.













Here you can see part of the ancient stairway rising up from Christ's Saddle and leading on to the Monastery and Beehive cells within. The View from the top is truly amazing while you stand in the grounds of the Monastery overlooking the Small Skelligs and South west coast of Ireland. Come prepared with sensible shoes with good grips. Dress shoes of Flat shoes are not suitable. If children are brought to the Island they must be under strict supervision by their parents. Pets are not permitted on the Island as its a Bird Sanctuary but you can bring them on the boat and we will look after them on board while you visit the island.



     Our Tour of the second Island "The Small Skelligs" Begins after your visit to Skellig Michael. The Small Skelligs is completely different to the Big Skelligs. From a distance it appears white, as if covered with snow but from closer examination you will see the many thousands of large white Gannets (seabirds) which create this effect.






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